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Who are We?

So far we are not we but only I, I made this web site alone! My name is Ricardo I'm a recently graduated in food engineering looking for a first job or internship professional, and until I reach that goal I saw the deal of poker bonus without deposit as a great market opportunity, taking into account our current economy the free offers is the thing that people are lookinf for! My page is aimed at a niche of all people aged over 18 who want to learn or already know how to play poker! Most of you probably thinking that this is all bullshit and that nobody gives anything to anyone and they are right because I will then explain why theses bonuses have no deposit required!

Any questions or concerns or if you want to hire me as a food engineer send an email to suporte@pokersemdeposito.com .

Over the past two years there has been a boom in poker, all of a sudden people started to play poker and enjoying it, and some want to earn some money with it! Well because some people want to start playing poker without depositing money in a poker room i decided to start our business, I will inform you of the better sites in which you bonus from $ 5 to $ 150 to the best poker rooms, in most of this bonuses in order to receive the money you will have to make a confirmation of identity by uploading some type of identification linking to confirm your details and that you are more then 18 years old, but do not worry about giving your data, all of the poker rooms are licensed and trustworthy. There are 14 reference sites in my opinion, they are all in the initial table of my page, just pick one and follow the tutorial, as you will find more I will obviously update!

After all this do not think that making money in poker is easy nowadays there are even many people to play around the world, and with a bankroll management will not be able to start winning big! There is still a question that many of you board ... What's the catch? Why is anyone giving me money? Is obvious that nobody gives anything to anyone! In all these bonuses without exception there are requirements to withdraw the money! The requirement is usually playing "X" raked hands, "and what is a raked hand is a hand that you're going to play and the hand of the money goes to the house, ie for each hand to win a house percentage, so the investment is made in you always end up compensating for the house because of rake before lifting it will have enough hands to play it a lot! Do not think you are giving nothing but to invest in you, and to make it clear that all the bonus point out this page on any of them will need to make absolutely no deposit no deposit section, are all no deposit required! for more advanced players no deposit bonus no kind advice but as with deposit bonus no deposit forfeit the right to "rakeback" and thus very good players without "rakeback" will eventually lose money!


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